Promotional Merchandise to Spice Up Your Promotional Marketing Campaign

We’ve all seen promotional merchandise with company logos on them. But how many of us use them afterwards? There are some items that seem too gimmicky to me, so I don’t use them. Then there are other promotional items that I use on a regular basis and some that permanently remain on my office desk. So how do you choose the right promotional gift for your brand?

Well, consider what your brand is trying to say to its customers. If your brand is sports oriented then offering promotional gifts of a sports nature is ideal, such as branded soccer t-shirts or golf shirts, printed caps or even promotional pens with a soccer ball theme. These are items that young people use daily so you can be assured that your brand will be present to them on a regular basis.

What if your business is accounting? Then brand corporate gifts that are associated with your business and will appeal to your customers. Print your logo on a calculator, a note pad or printed pen sets. These items will remain on your customers’ desk because of their practical use for a long time thus reiterating your brand.

If you are a travel agency, then there are many corporate gift ideas for your business. You could brand your logo on a waterproof beach box which holds cash dry while you swim. Or you could give away travel sewing kits, promotional backpacks or tote bags. Have you considered promotional pens to give away to avid travellers who often have to complete forms before arrival in the next country? Think about it, when you’re on the plane, there’s always someone asking to use your pen to fill in the landing card.

No matter what your business promotional merchandise can take your promotional marketing campaign to the next level. When someone wears or uses your promotional gifts, they are virtually a walking advert for your brand. Now how great is that. Any marketing consultants will tell you that this is ideally what you want to achieve from your marketing campaign. You gain brand awareness directly and indirectly with your target group. So take a moment to strategise and plan your promotional marketing campaign.



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