Promotional Ideas to Form Part of Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re about to launch your brand or business, promotional products could form part of your marketing strategy. When it comes to corporate events, promotional ideas are endless because you can print whatever you want on almost anything. And free promotional gifts are great giveaways at an event.

You could give printed gift bags filled with goodies, luxury packs or chocolate gift packs. Below I’ll give you some promotional ideas for your next marketing campaign or corporate event that will keep you in your customers’ memories.

Promotional pens are an affordable giveaway and ideal for promotional campaigns with a tight budget. You can print thousands pens with your business logo and details and it will cost you a fraction of the cost of any other promotional item. Plus, free pens are frequently used and pass many hands so can reach a larger audience.

Printed T-shirts are a great promotional item. Many people love free t-shirts and won’t pass on the chance of getting a free t-shirt. With your details on the t-shirt, it makes for an ideal giveaway.

Promotional caps can be designed to your brand colours and printed or embroidered your corporate identity. If you are targeting young men and school boys, printed baseball caps are a great promotional item.

Promotional golf products are worth investing in if you do much of your business on the golf course. Your clientele are avid golfers and are always in need of golf goodies. Giving them printed golf products with your details on it, keeps you in their minds.

Printed rulers, erasers and pencil cases are ideal for capturing the younger market. School children need stationery for obvious reasons. Having your details on their desk, acts as a constant reminder.

Printed mugs and cups can be used for any occasion. Everyone drinks out of a mug. This way you are able to access your audience’s busiest room in their house, the kitchen.

Customised fragrances are great to capture a female market. You can print your details on fragrance bottles and package them accordingly. Every time the fragrance is used, your brand is there.

Engraved photo frames can add to the memories. Give a photo frame with your details engraved on it. That way each time someone looks at the picture in the frame they will also see your logo.

There are so many promotional items that you can print your corporate logo on. You just need to be creative or have your marketing consultants assist you to find the promotional product that is ideal for your desired market.

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